Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Click on the links below for information about the recent Rutgers Athletic Department cuts.  Note that, although the earliest articles foreground these cuts as being driven by the university and state budget crisis, the more recent articles are beginning to uncover the true nature of the cuts: a step in the Athletic Department's on-going realignment around our marquee sports, in particular football. 

 11/8/06—"Scarlet fever also includes case of chills" : Star Ledger, Rutgers/College Football

11/5/06—"The price of glory for Rutgers" : The Record, Athletic Department/Football

11/5/06—"Rutgers battles sinking feeling" : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts/Swimming

10/29/06"At Rutgers, a tough row to hoe" : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts/Rowing

10/20/06"Sports cuts at Rutgers queried" : Home News Tribune, Athletic Department cuts

10/20/06"Students: Rutgers' plan is to lose good sports": Asbury Park Press, Athletic Department cuts (this is an abridged version of the article above)

10/14/06—"A pitch to save Rutgers sports": Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts

10/1/06—"Football Grows, And Students Go the Way of the T. Rex" : New York Times, College Football (this is a "Times Select" article, available by subscription or for purchase)

9/15/06"Corrution and College Football": Newsweek, College Football

8/23/06“In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation” : New York Times, College Football (note: NYT links eventually break and the articles are then available for purchase) 

8/20/06“ Rutgers braces for more cuts” : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts/Swimming

8/16/06“RU football budget increase same as savings from team cuts” : Home News Trubune, Athletic Department cuts

8/13/06“Casualties of Rutgers' new ‘culture’” : Star Ledger, Opinion

8/6/06“Rutgers Tennis: Negative net effect for Zakrevsky” : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts/Tennis

8/6/06“A coach with clout, on the field and off” : Star Ledger, Rutgers Athletics

7/28/06“Tennis No Longer a Scarlet Letter at Rutgers” : Tennis Week, Athletic Department cuts/Tennis

7/16/06“Rutgers: Surviving the cuts with minimal scarring” : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts

7/15/06“A bleak day for Scarlet Knights as university benches six sports” : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts

7/15/06“Budget ax falls swiftly on Rutgers programs” : The Record, Athletic Department cuts

7/14/06“Tuition hikes, athletic cuts at Rutgers” : Daily Record, Athletic Department cuts

7/11/06“RU sports are facing some cost cutting” : Star Ledger, Athletic Department cuts